home_room is a concept with the intent to showcase a curated selection of artists and designers.

a. DEMONSTRATION is the vessel of this intent, focusing on apparel as its main platform.

Directed by Jo

Produced by Nicko

Designed and developed by Jep

Portrait of Jo



The Director spends most of his time generating ideas, curating the content, and scouting for the right people with the right strengths specific to certain tasks that home_room cannot accomplish alone. A visual artist under the moniker “JOYCE” on the side, he aims to bridge interpersonal connections between creatives, foster collaboration, and bring together a celebration of The Individual and their Craft.

Portrait of Nicko


Producer and Manufacturing Manager

Nicko Aguas plays an integral role in making things happen, managing the business and manufacturing aspect of a. DEMONSTRATION. Nicko has strong affection and taste for art and media; and as he explores photography on the side, he utilizes the passion for The Archive’s branding. He currently studies business and finance, and is endeavoring into food entrepreneurship.

Portrait of Jep


Designer and Developer

As a multidisciplinary designer and programmer with a focus on intersecting art/design with technology, Jep Alaba is at the helm of The Archive’s web development, and is home_room’s chief design and technical consultant. He is currently based in Los Angeles and does freelance web development.